Latest Web Design Project Fertile Ground

For our latest web design project we have recently been working with Fertile Ground formally Dora Frankel Dance, We have previously produced their old DFD Website and we where invited back to update their website. They required the site to be rebranded from the old Dora Frankel Dance to the new Fertile Ground.

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How To Get Your Startup Business Online In 2014

Are you trying to get your startup business online? Its tough making an impact on Social Media its become extremely crowded out there with everyone sending their own messages out. So we have created some tips to help you get started and stand out from the crowd.

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Preparing A Website For Christmas

Christmas can mean two things for businesses, your either really busy or its your quiet time when you get that well deserved rest, either way you must prepare for it. One thing that tends to get over looked at this time of year is your website. So we will be looking at some tips on preparing a website for Christmas.

Preparing A Website For Christmas

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Converting Visitors To Clients.

How to start converting visitors to clients? It’s a tough question many websites get lots of visitors, however lots of sites don’t get many sales from the them. We are going to be looking at a range of tips and strategies you can use to help you in converting visitors to clients.

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Are Directory Submissions Worth It?

Are directory submissions worth it? Its a tough questions. They where the foundations of search engine optimisation (SEO) for years. However times have changed and if they are not done correctly they can have a negative effect on your website.

Finding The Best Directories For Your Website

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