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We where founded in 2009 in Hatlepool to help business improve their online presence. We have a wide range of expertise in website design and video productions services. We are based in Hartlepool in the North East however we have carried out work for businesses all over the UK.

We believe in quality affordable website design that will help you grow your business. We will build a relationship with you from the start. We will work with you throughout the project so the final outcome exceeds your expectations.

We have carried out work for clients ranging from small shops to large hotels. We know everyone is an individual and require a different approach, so we will help you create the website that compliments your business and works for you.

What Gik Media Can Offer You....

What We Do

We can provide a wide of products and services including:

Website Design,
Content Management Systems,
Graphic design,
Ecommerce websites,
Video Production.

Why Choose GIK Web Design

We realise every business is different, so we work with you to create a great website that works for you and exceeds your expectations.

Technologies We Use

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